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small practice.
big heart.

Damesek & Damesek

A company like Damesek Dental is a rare gem. They have a a long history in Charlotte, NC and a diverse and fiercely loyal client base. Their reputation alone has sustained their business for over 20 years, and it is easy to see why. This husband and wife duo is passionate about their work, each bringing their own perspective and specialty to the practice. They came to use to develop their brand identity to ensure they continue their strong presence as competitors arise and technology develops. We began this project how we aim to launch any brand identity: by identifying their brand values, tone of voice, and mission. Dr. Josh Damesek brings technical precision to the practice while Dr. Elizabeth Damesek brings artistry to her patients, devising creative (and life-changing) solutions that meet her clients’ long-term goals within their budget. The resulting brand identity pays homage to their partnership and deep care for their patients. Motivated to stand out from the sea of (dental sameness), we went away from stock photography of impossibly pearly whites in favor of a more authentic (and dare we say more fun) approach to life’s necessary, twice yearly appointment.


Kristen Pegg Photography


Ben Laun