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House of Nomad

At the heart of a compelling brand story are the values and passions of the business. A shared love of travel and design united Berekely Minkhorst and Kelley Lentini and set them off on their pursuit of bringing something unexpected to the interior design space. Launching in 2017, House of Nomad brings the textures, colors, and artistry of the world to their clients and customers. What started as an interior design firm in Charlotte, NC, has expanded into a nationally award-winning interior design firm with retail shops in both Charlotte and Charleston, their own line of decor and accessories… and they’re just getting started. Knowing that their work steals the show, we developed a clean black and white brand identity reflective of their complementary partnership and the unique character of their work. In addition to branding, we created a website and shopify site. The character of their brand is in line with their bold creativity, work ethic, and authenticity.