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cowboy collective

Natalia Weedy’s commercial photography is pristine and evocative—the perfect balance of light and shadows, human nature and the built environment, landscapes and details. Such stunning results are achieved by grit, relentless pursuit of excellence, and a whole lot of artistry. When Natalia Weedy Photography was ready to expand its services into stock and production services, Cowboy Collective was born. We partnered with this women-led, minority owned team to honor Natalia’s heritage, the technical precision of their process, and the sacredness of a moment in time.

Their thoughtfulness and openness made our process so fun! The brand’s personality comes to life in custom patterns and submarks, offering flexibility and fun brand storytelling. We loved seeing their work ethic extend to the brand launch as the team partnered with Raleigh Denim to hand sew branded totes. All photography courtesy of Natalia Weedy Photography.

tote production photography

Alex Craig

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