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Charlotte? New York? How do you collaborate?

Much like the rest of the world is learning to work together while not physically together, we are not immune to regular Zoom meetings. As often as possible, we collaborate on each project. We find that what results is a larger creative exploration, and that our work is ultimately stronger. Once travel restrictions are lifted, we’re looking forward to traveling between cities to meet with clients in person.

How will billing change from here on out?

Not much. We are leveraging the same software that delivers proposals, scopes, contracts, and invoices electronically. The only difference is that they will now come from Mad Goat Studio.

Do you consider yourself an agency?

No! We’ve both had many years of experience at agencies, and we don’t pretend to have the robust team that an agency offers. We also don’t have the same overhead as a typical agency, so we’re proud to offer more realistic pricing for our clients with the added benefit of an incredible network of creative partners. We regularly work with brand strategists, copywriters, photographers, voice talent, animators, etc. as needed. We value transparency, so we’ll always be straightforward about how we’d like to approach each project.

What if I just want to work with one half of Mad Goat?

We understand due to prior relationships and NDA restrictions, there are circumstances where it’s necessary to work with just one of us. We assess each relationship and project on a case-by-case basis to ensure success for everyone involved.

What if I don’t see a service listed that I need?

The services listed on our website are not all that we offer, so we’d love to hear more about your needs. If we’re not a good fit, we’re more than happy to connect you with resources from our network.

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